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Online Challenge

Online Challenges will begin again soon.


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 Online Challenges are a great way to keep skills sharp through all four seasons. Current Online Challenge - will begin soon

S.C. 14 original (5).jpg

Current Online Challenge - (Not active now.) Online Challenges for 2020 will begin soon. Once begun, there will be a maximum of two Online Challenges per month throughout the year.

Submit your answer below or on facebook. Genus and species only. No common names. Spelling must be correct. Winning entries will be based on the Seinet "preferred" nomenclature. The first correct answer I receive will win the challenge. Viewers will be notified of winning entries on this page. Winning names will be posted by permission only.

Online Challenge plants may be from anywhere in the Inter-Mountain West region from Canada to Mexico (Colorado, New Mexico, West Texas, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming).

Wins will be tallied at the end of 2020 and a prize will be awarded for first place at that time. The winner will have their choice of one of my books.

I will post a new online challenge when someone wins the current challenge.

Good luck!

"Online Challenge" Entry Form

Please submit your "Online Challenge" entry below.

Good luck!

I will identify your Inter-Mountain West wild plants for free. Send me good quality, multiple photographs. Email is preferred.

Cattail Bob Seebeck

PO Box 236

Drake, CO 80515


Ph: 970 214 1647


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