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I have decided to watermark many of my photographs on this site. For over 40 years I have been photographing wildlife. I have traveled tens of thousands of miles, used about two dozen different vehicles, spent many thousands of dollars, endured blizzards, drenching rain, blazing heat, countless thunderstorms and numerous nearby lightning strikes. More than once have I gotten stuck in mud and snow or stranded with a broken-down vehicle in the middle of nowhere or flat tires from nails and cactus spines. I've gone through four cameras. I've hiked or backpacked hundreds of miles, forded dozens of creeks and rivers, climbed many peaks and walked countless ridges. I've gotten lost, got found, got pulled over, got questioned by the U.S. Border Patrol many times while hiking near the line. I've got sick, got well, slept under the stars, in a tent, in my car or in a motel hundreds of times. I've avoided flash floods and falling trees. I've risked poisonous snakes, scorpions, bears, mountain lions and withstood a billion mosquitos. Also consider that most plants are in specific phases (flowering, fruiting, sprouting, etc.) for a short period of time during the growing season. When I miss photographing a plant in that phase, I have to wait a year to make the trip again.

All of the above is why I watermark. Acquiring these photographs did not come easy. (See "Photography Trips" under "Cattail Corner") I owe it to myself and my family to protect them as this is how I make my living. Watermarking preserves a photograph for future book publishing possibilities. Once an unmarked photograph is posted on the internet, book publishing using that photograph becomes more difficult for an author and publisher.

Please enjoy and respect my work. Thank you for your understanding. CB

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