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Wild Edible Plants

When I started teaching outdoor education classes in 1975 "Wild Edible Plants" was a phrase well-known to the general public. "Wild Edible Plants" became common during the mid 1960's after the publication of books such as "Stalking the Wild Asparagus" by Euell Gibbons and "Edible Native Plants of the Rocky Mountains" by H.D. Harrington. The phrase "Wild Edible Plants" is still used today. However, those that have read my books and have participated in my wild plant identification classes know that "Wild Edible Plants" does not describe the whole story. The phrase "Survival Plants" or "wild useful plants" is more accurate. In my books and classes I identify poisonous, medicinal, tool-craft and smoke-able wild herbs, not just wild edible plants. Most people know the phrase "Wild Edible Plants" and so "Wild Edible Plants" is a great key search phrase to add to my website. That is why "Wild Edible Plants" is so wildly abundant in this paragraph : )  CB

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