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Survival Classes by Cattail Bob


Winter Survival 2023 Class, Front Range Community College, Ft Collins, CO  2 credits  Jan 20 - Mar 10, 2023


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The recent FRCC Winter Survival Class field trips went very well. 

I will be teaching the FRCC Winter Survival Classes spring & fall semesters 2023


also FRCC Winter Firebuilding Classes spring & fall semesters 1 credit



"T" Style Snowcave Field Trip taught on request every March - contact me

This one day class instructs students in the building of a "T" style snowcave. This snowcave is quicker to construct than typical snowcaves, conserving energy and keeping the builder drier in the building process, two critical concepts in winter survival. I will be at your side during the construction of your snowcave.

Where: Brainard Lake Parking Lot, Ward, CO. Good vehicle snow tires are required. The short hike from the parking lot is several hundred yards to the snowcave site.

Class limit: Minimum 7, Maximum 15. You may bring skis or snowshoes but they are not necessary. Students may sleep overnight in their snowcave but this will be outside class parameters.

We will be at 10,000 ft. above sea level. Inside your well built snowcave it will be comfortable, while outside can be very cold and windy at this location at this time of year.

Equipment required: A daypack or backpack, a small snow or avalanche shovel, a candle, warm winter clothing, footgear, gloves and head covering. Also bring lunch and drinks. If you plan to spend the night in your snowcave (this will not be a part of the class) bring a four season sleeping bag, a foam pad, tarp, pillow, a lighter and headlamp. No fires or stoves are allowed in your cave due to carbon monoxide poisoning. One candle is safe and provides plenty of light and a bit of heat. Operating cook stoves outside your cave is okay.

Fee: $500.00 per group. Please contact me with any questions.

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"T" Style Snowcave

"T" Style Snowcave


Survival Training - Mountain, Desert, Urban

 Long-Term Primitive Living Classes - Instruction in wilderness survival using only primitive tools. 

      Topics: Friction Fire, Shelter, Clean Water, Primitive Traps, Snares & Deadfalls, Natural Cordage, Fish              Traps, Hide Tanning, Primitive Navigation, Wild Edible, Medicinal, Poisonous and Tool-Craft Plants.

 Survival Emergency Until Rescue Classes - Wilderness survival instruction using all tools, primitive and            modern. Students are taught how to survive until rescue in a "short-term" scenario.

      Topics: Cold and Hot Environment Survival, Hypothermia, Hyperthermia, Survival Psychology, Survival          Kits, Snowcaves, Shelter, Fire-Building, Water, Signals, Navigation, Improvisation and Nuclear Fallout.

Contact me for more information.

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